Copy protect PDF from PrintScreen and capture

Secure Document Protection

As you have seen on the previous page, there are two (2) most important issues to consider when looking for "document protection". And that is that PDF is the best all round file format to convert other files to, and that robust DRM is necessary to prevent sharing and unauthorized distribution.

CopySafe PDF Protection

CopySafe PDF Protection is undoubtedly the most secure document protection software on the planet. Their copy protection prevents all methods and techniques of save, copy and capture, and their DRM revolutionized document rights by using call-to-home access rights validation when everyone else in the industry was using token files, mainly because they were technically challenged. It took the other developers (self-acclaimed leaders) in the copy protection industry 2 years to study and imitate ArtistScope DRM and that pretty much sums up the state of the industry... one innovator and a bus load of "making it by faking it" charlatans.

Another major difference between similar solutions is that CopySafe PDF Protection is provided for artists and authors to protect their livelihood. Licensing is most economical when compared to other solutions that claim similar features, especially when considering that licensing is a one-time purchase that includes free and ongoing support and software upgrades for life. Plus free and unlimited use of the ArtistScope DRM portal for adding and managing an unlimited number of subscribers, groups and documents. But wait, there is more... your DRM account also provides free access to their online book cover design tool and free listings in their online book store, and wait for it... no commission is charged on any sales made. All you need is your own PayPal account.

Copy Protection For Desktop Reading

Copy protected PDF can be distributed by email, download and on disk for "desktop reading" by the CopySafe PDF Reader which is a free download to the public and it can be distributed on disk with your documents. PDF for desktop reading can be further protected by applying DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorized use. ArtistScope DRM locks documents to the individual user's computer by identifying their unique Computer ID. Any changes made at the author's DRM control panel take immediate effect, even on documents still out in the wild on disk or already saved to a user's computer.

Copy Protection For Online Reading

CopySafe PDF Protection is the only secure PDF protection software that can be displayed on web pages today. All of the popular web browsers hav4e dropped support for real browser plugin in favor of simple apps that run on mobile phones. Consequently they cannot action at system level and are therefore useless for copy protection. But the ArtisBrowser not only still supports real browser plugins, but it has been designed to cater for copy protection where all other browsers failed.

Evaluation and Downloads

The CopySafe PDF Converter and Reader can be downloaded for evaluation, and you can register online for a free 14-day trial of the DRM portal.

Click for more information about CopySafe PDF Protection.

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